Suomen Kettuterrierit ry


Promoting Finnish Fox Terriers since 1975

Founded in 1975, the Finnish Fox Terrier association Suomen Kettuterrierit ry promotes, directs and oversees the breeding of pure-bred Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers in Finland. The association determines the breed's breeding strategy and offers breeding advice with the aim of producing healthy, good-tempered dogs. As the national breed association for Fox Terriers since 1989, the association also represents Fox Terriers at the Finnish Kennel Club, the umbrella organization for all Finnish canine associations.

The association's main event is the annual training camp that brings together almost a hundred Fox Terrier owners, breeders and enthusiasts each summer. The training camp activities include an annual Specialty Show for Fox Terriers, earthdog, waterfowl retrieving and blood tracking trials, and training in each of these sports.

In addition to the training camp and its many events, the association also organizes various trials and promotes various dog sports and other dog-related activities. The association also publishes the Kettuterrieri magazine, which comes out four times a year.

The association also provides guidance and instruction to all who share an interest in Fox Terriers. For more information about our association, please contact our membership secretary.

For more information about Finnish Fox Terriers, please visit the Finnish Kennel Club's extensive breeding database, which includes the pedigrees and health, trial and show results of all dogs registered in Finland. The breeding database contains data on both individual dogs and the breed as a whole.